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About Me-In™

Company Background

Me-In™ is borne from the desire to serve the modern pragmatic woman. It’s for her to be aptly dressed for diverse circumstances and situations, whatever that may be. Her demanding and high-paced lifestyle requires her to be always ready for the challenges that lie ahead of her each day. Me-In helps the modern woman to achieve this effortlessly.

Inspired by the “It Girl” – the young woman who possesses the indefinable quality “It” – Me-In™ is the personification of the “It Girl” who has that “absolute attraction without overtly flaunting her sexuality”; and in the words of Diane Von Furstenberg, “It’s really about being a forever girl!”

Me-In™ takes a pragmatic approach to style and strives to make it easy for any woman to look her best. The overall Me-In™ concept can be described as modern and trendy, yet practical. This practicality is invigorated through the use of colors, textures and accessories to ensure that the ensemble always looks balanced and graceful. The Me-In™ philosophy can be succinctly stated as “looking beautiful without trying”. It is an easy-going style. Ideally, the “Me-In™ Girl” will not only be known for her elegance and class but also for her down-to-earth image, whose confidence exudes in any setting or environment.

Many Meanings of Me-In™

미인 means beautiful (美) person (人).
How is 美IN™ (spelled in English as “Me-In”) different?
Me-In is a reminder that true beauty (美) comes from within (IN).

1. 美 IN – Inner Beauty
2. 美 人 – Means beautiful person
3. 美 引 – Means to lead fashion forward

Me-In™ operations is based in Korea, and including photoshoots are photographed and modeled by Koreans in Seoul.

We hope you see Me-In™ as more than just a place to shop. It is our goal to share Korean culture with a wider audience outside of Korea. Due to language barriers it is often difficult for non-Koreans to find out timely information on Korean street fashion, celebrity life and current events. Also, tourists to Seoul often have difficulty finding interesting places to visit, trendy new restaurants or the best beauty shop to receive a Korean makeover. Me-In™ hopes to share all these and more with our customers through our sharing on the blog on our online platform.

Quick Questions with Me-In™

Q: Describe your style in a seven words or less.
A: Modern and trendy but practical and fuss-free.

Q: What is the mission statement of Me-In™?
A: We will strive to care for each and every one of our customers by providing quality designs and best-in-class service.